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Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This mean if you purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All Opinions remain my own.

Instantly start your own membership site fully loaded with Courseify's 24 Done-For-You Courses you can sell as your own. Setup in as little as 30 mins.
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Affiliate Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This mean if you purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All Opinions remain my own.

Do you want to know about the easiest and the best way to make money online in 2021? Then my friend, you are in the right place. Your search ends here!

I am certain, you have heard stories about people having lucrative incomes from their online business and you too have tried a few things, if not many, but haven’t got any desirable results yet. I am sure you have seen ads on the internet and on TV where they are promoting their platform on which you can make money. But if you are somewhat like me, you will want to have your product, your own brand and not be identified by some other brand. While nothing is wrong with that! It’s just that, personally, I don’t like the idea of a small percentage on a sale where I can make the full profit for myself and build my own brand. Now you may be thinking it’s not so easy to build your own brand! It takes a long time and I want profits today. You are right! It does take a long time. But, what if I showed you a way to not only build your own brand but also profit from it faster? This is the easiest way to make money online in 2021


What is Courseify?

Courseify is a done-for-you Membership Site Portal which, allows you to sell online courses as your own so that you can sell them and keep 100% of the profits. Millions are taking this route of making money by selling other people’s creations by buying using the private and white label rights from them and this is one of the best ways to make money online in 2021.

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I am writing about this offer for 5 reasons;

  • They have done all the research on what is selling the most in the market today and put it on a membership site which you can brand as your own. In other words, you start your online business without being super knowledgeable and/or technical to start you online business.
  • You don’t have to spend money on hosting, designing your site, buying a theme or any plugin for any functionality. However, you may need a domain name to run the membership site as your own. Now, this is option but it is recommended to have your own domain name which costs you anywhere between $6 to 15$ so that you can build your own brand identity.
  • The course bundle comes with 24 courses so, in other words you are getting 24 courses for the price of one. Actually, there are 4 bundles of 6 courses in each of the 4 different topics or you may also call it as 4 different niches.
  • Any business requires extensive research before its launch and a substantial amount of investment too. If you have to start a business like Courseify, your start-up cost will be at least $2500 dollars plus another $300 dollars towards its maintenance. But in this case, you save this money and time by sharing their resources.
  • Fifth reason is, I get rewarded a commission if you make a purchase through my link.

Read my review below to learn how Courseify is a more profitable option for you than any other offer out in the market.

Access your Courseify Membership Site here

Who should buy Courseify?

Anyone, who wants to start or expand their online business irrelevant to their level of expertise but doesn’t have enough time, resources or skills to start one.


Will Courseify work for me?

Of course, it will! If you are willing to work for it. No product or site will work on its own. It requires efforts in terms of strategizing your promotions and implementing them. If you want fast results, you may opt for paid advertising. That is how all super affiliates and online entrepreneurs make huge profits. It’s about making profits!

You can use Courseify to educate yourself. You can use Courseify for yourself and also for selling.


How much does Courseify cost?

The Front-end package of Courseify is for $17 (one-time) in which you Get 6 courses per Niche Bundle. The 4 Niche Bundles include: Make Money Online Bundle (MMO), Traffic Bundle, Social Media Bundle, And Motivational Bundle. There are 24 total courses in all. Once set up, you simply turn around and start selling the Niche Bundles immediately, instantly catapulting yourself into the online world of making money online with your own courses.

Access your Courseify Membership Site here

The Courseify package also has some upsells.

Courseify PRO – $27 one-time

With Courseify Pro you get Unlimited Customer Accounts, Pro Email Swipes, Serial Key Generator which means; not only you unlock your membership site for unlimited customers but also, you get email swipes to communicate and sell more courses to these customers plus you can generate a licence key for each of the courses you sell so that you don’t lose out on profit because of digital piracy. How cool!

I recommend you get the PRO upgrade too.


Academy Bundle – $37 one-time (optional)

The Academy Bundle gives you the ability to have all Courseify Bundles together in one membership site. So, you get access to all the courses under one dashboard.


WhiteLabelify Special – $47 one-time (for upto 100 customers)

Whitelabelify is a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model comprising of 6 web-based (SaaS) best-selling softwares. With this upgrade you will have the ability to sell the complete WhiteLabelify Bundle to your customers. All 6 products: DFY BonusPage, Surprise Product, DFY Thumbnail, DFY Social Image, DFY Simple Ads, and DFY Logo have been bundled into a Suite, so you get access to all the products under one dashboard.

Access your Courseify Membership Site here

WhiteLabelify Pro Monthly (Optional)

This upsell/upgrade will allow you to take your WhiteLabelify to the next level. You have two Upgrades to choose from. Business or Enterprise. Also includes 2 new products: DFY Offers Page Product, DFY Ads Pro Product. Plus you get Professional Email Swipes, Support Ticket System, Bonus Portal, Training Portal and Traffic Training. And new features added frequently.

BUSINESS: $27/Mo. – Up to 250 Customers

ENTERPRISE: $57/Mo. – Up to 500 Customers


One-to-One Coaching Upgrade (optional)

The title says it all. With this upgrade you will get a 1:1 zoom or skype call with Christian – the creator of Courseify for an in-depth coaching strategy for 1 hour. You will also get access to Christian’s Facebook Private Support Group which supports all his products, access to ongoing video training in the group, his tip of the week posts, and access to his weekly marketing podcasts.

Access your Courseify Membership Site here

My review

For the Beginners – This is a very helpful and profitable offer. You can use it to teach yourself and also sell it to other people online. For the $17 price tag – this deal is a steal. The courses you get in this package are individually sold between $12 and $17 so if you calculate the total cost of the package minus the membership site software and hosting, it is minimum $3000 ($12×250). In other words you are getting each course at the price of 71 cents ($0.71) along with the done-for-you site and hosting, which is unheard of.


For intermediate and experienced marketers – By now you know what a fabulous deal this is and what you can do with it. If you are not keen on selling these courses, you can use it for list building or as a bonus for your own products or affiliate products.

Overall, I find the package really good as it includes six courses on traffic generation. You can use these courses for yourself to bring visitors to your salespages. Also, I am going to give you some bonuses that you can use in your business for making this purchase through my link.


Social Proof Bonus for Courseify

Bonus # 1

A Social Proof Service with unlimited customers and unlimited notifications. This tool will allow you present 24 types of social proof to your visitors to skyrocket your customer engagement and conversions.

Real World Value – $444 per annum


This is an Image representation of the Secret Traffic Training as a Bonus for Courseify

Bonus # 2

A very powerful training on traffic generation. This is the same training that has helped me get visitors to my offers and made me sales. This training is by invitation only.

Real World Value – $197

This is an image presenting the Mega PLR Bundle as a bonus for courseify

Bonus # 3

A Big bundle of Profit Packs containing most updated content, graphics, full products with PLR rights. This alone is like a fully loaded membership site in itself.

Real World Value – $297 per annum

This is a product image of PLR-2-WP Software

Bonus # 4

Convert any PLR into a mini funnel inside a WordPress plugin taking away all the technical hassles of setting up PLR mini-funnels using this software. This is a windows software you can use to create mini plr sales funnels in a jiffy. P.S. You are getting a PRO version.

Real World Value – $97

How to Claim your Bonuses?

The instructions to claim and download your bonuses will waiting for your inside the WarriorPlus members area under the ‘Access Your Purchase’ button.


Access your Courseify Membership Site here

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